Silver Crystal Birthstone Charm


Sterling Silver

Cubic Zirconia


These birthstone charms / pendants are a beautiful collection of different coloured crystals, which each correlate to one month of the year, and will hold meaning that is true to the wearer. Crafted in sterling silver and featuring a stunning polished finish, these pieces will make a special personalised gift and are perfect for adding to our charm bracelets and necklaces!

These charms comes with or without a silver chain.


January (with chain), January (without chain), February (with chain), February (without chain), March (with chain), March (without chain), April (with chain), April (without chain), May (with chain), May (without chain), June (with chain), June (without chain), July (with chain), July (without chain), August (with chain), August (without chain), September (with chain), September (without chain), October (with chain), October (without chain), November (with chain), November (without chain), December (with chain), December (without chain)