Moth Necklace


Material: 925 Silver.

Approximate size: 18mm x 28mm.

Length of Chain: 18”


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Intricately designed, our Silver Moth Necklace is simple and stunning.

Handmade in solid 925 silver, this perfectly formed Moth is carefully rounded wings and delicate engraving on the wings to really bring it to life. Complete with a silver chain, wear it solo for a classic look or layer up with your favourite necklaces to achieve a more on-trend style.

Moths differ from the Butterfly was they are nocturnal creatures. One known characteristic of the Moth is that it is drawn to light and flames. Many believe that when you see them flying around lights or open flames, it means that you are looking for a new direction in your life.

A wonderful gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life. Or why not treat yourself to remind you that change is good.