Hedgehog Necklace


Stone: Genuine Baltic Amber.

Material: 925 Silver.

Approximate size: 28mm x 11mm.

Length of Chain 18″

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Fall in love with our adorable Silver Hedgehog Necklace.

Beautifully crafted in 925 silver with a genuine Baltic Amber gemstone which is held by carefully designed paws. Finished with the Hedgehog’s famous ‘prickly’ back-but don’t worry, it’s not spiky!

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and only come out at night. They are covered with a coat of very sharp spines, which are hollow and made of keratin (like your fingernails). Hedgehogs can roll into a ball and the spines will protect them from predators, except badgers and the occasional dog.

Give this playful necklace to a Hedgehog lover or a great friend to show them your appreciation.