Stone: Natural Larimar

Material: 925 Silver.

Pendant Approximate size: 16mm x 8mm.

Earrings Approximate size: 10mm x 8mm.

Bracelet Approximate size: 7.5 inches.

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Add sophisticated style to your look with our Silver & Larimar Teardrop.

Handcrafted in solid 925 silver, this bracelet is adorned with 11 tranquil Larimar gemstones which have been carefully cut and polished into a teardrop shape.

Though locally abundant, Larimar is a very rare gem as it is only found in only one square kilometre of dense rainforest in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, large stones with good colour and quality are especially hard to find.
It has an extraordinary blue appearance similar to the colour of the ocean in tropical areas.

Classic and versatile, it is a must for any jewellery lover.

Just as the blue of the ocean is often used to symbolise tranquillity, many believe that Larimar brings peace and serenity to those who own it. Larimar guards within itself the essence of air and water. The water, linked with birth, fertility, cleansing and heart’s emotion; and the air that represents the mind’ s power, communication, and new life.


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